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My Story

I used to think I had to live a life without passion or joy.

Three babies in to marriage and family I felt  outnumbered and out of touch with me, with God.  And I have no time, I thought,  to discover what being in touch even means.

All my roles and jobs and expectations for myself (and others- gotta keep them happy) took everything I had. Whoever I was before got lost and buried. And I was a mom at 21 so what was there even to remember?

Then God asked me to get an education.  What does that mean?  I had completed my bachelors and I had 3 kids.  He said, I'll show you.  Bring your kids home from school.  Perfect.  Except I think this will make things worse.  He said, I'll show you.

Coming to know this was my path was an amazing experience. Moving forward on this path was freaky hard! And as I tried, the light went out in me! I spent a lot of time depressed and overwhelmed.  I shed a lot of tears.  I was blessed with such a massive need for help that I reached out and found other mamas taking the education bull by the horns and they became a light house for me.  These moms gave me vision, grace and introduced me to the idea of getting a "Life Coach".

What's a Life Coach?

It's someone who sees beyond your playing field.  Someone with a little space between your wild emotions and expectations that helps you get clarity and momentum in your purpose.  They also need to be someone who lives a life of truth, light and love.

So I called around and signed up.  On my first call, tears welled in my eyes as I told her my fears, failings and feelings.  I was on a bucket, turned upside down, on the concrete floor of my unfinished basement, at what felt like the bottom of my life.

This is me, I thought, trying to do what God asked me to do!

And then slowly,  the game changed.

She taught me about values.  How we all have them.  Lots of times they're trained out of us.  But when you discover YOUR deepest values, it's like it tunes you into your favorite song and you start to hear it everywhere.

I learned I was unique and individual and that me and God had EVERYTHING we needed to guide my life.  I began to see that I had a choice in ALL I did, in EVERY response to this crazy, beautiful life.

She told the truth about my ability to live in joy and fulfillment being ME, and how authenticity actually magnified what I could give my family, not take away from it.

I started giving Me permission to be MY best and brightest Self... and to fall and fail too.  To learn that failing is just learning! And that feeling all the emotions is an important and essential part of being human.

I started giving my kids permission to be their best and brightest selves... and to fall and fail too.

I told my daughter, right before she moved across the country, to follow her dreams, but to always take God with you!  I told her I knew God had completely remade my life!  She said something I still tear up about.  She said Mom, just in my lifetime, I've seen you re-make yourself 10 times!

I have now mentored and coached women for many years. I love you mamas and know your power for good on this earth. I believe the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, AND that can be heavy and confusing.

Through the experience of struggling to find truth, feel my worth, and quiet the negative voices in my head, I have found LIGHT! I feel light and joy.  I feel tough emotions too that don't bury me anymore.  I can feel them and sense their message and grow every time.  Every day.

And love I sharing the tools with moms like you who want to rest and leap and dance in who they really are... and live in that light.




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