Frequently Asked Questions

The Light Mom is a coaching/mentoring home for women who are trying to live a brighter life.  We help women struggling to find joy in marriage and family, who have lost themselves in any of their daily routine, and any woman who is looking for Joy and having troubles finding it!  If you have a block you can't seem to get past, you've found a beautiful place to launch from.  

You begin by scheduling a free Clarity call with Liz to get clear about what results are missing in your life and how to get them.  You will get so much just out of this hour with Liz and it's one of her favorite parts of coaching.  So don't hesitate to sign up. You'll discuss together specifically what you're looking for in your life and how to get there.

If you and Liz are a good Coaching fit, you'll pick a weekly time to begin one-on-one, 1 hour coaching sessions that, step by step, guide you to see what you couldn't see and experience the miracle of living free.  You'll learn to see clearly and the tools to move forward in any aspect of your life.  By the end of and 8 or 18 week customized course, you will have already come so far and have confidence moving forward.  Its an amazing process and we're excited to share it with you.

We find price is one of the first questions and biggest concerns of a lot of women.  First, we want to see if you and Liz are a good fit before we discuss package prices but at The Light Mom, we are one part Coaching Practice and one part ministry.  Liz teaches offers this course to moms for 50% off. And there is a money back guarantee if you don't find your life drastically changed from the lessons you learn here.  It's interesting to know that though money can feel like a concern, it is honestly usually just a distraction.  We afford the things that really matter!  We're powerful women and we make important things happen! Mamas want joy and peace!  And to live authentically and contentedly.  In truth, when we're reaching out, it's not our money we want back!  We want our life back.  And not one of Liz's clients has requested a refund.  It's that good.  And we give the guarantee with confidence so you can have confidence in us!  It's pretty great.