Emotional Peace Coaching                         For Moms by Liz Simmons

"I feel lost.  I feel overwhelmed.  I don't know who I am.

I've forgotten how to have fun.  My kids always fight. I fight with my kids.

I feel like I have to be a certain way.  My house is a wreck.  I'm controlling.  I've lost control.  I feel disconnected from my spouse, from myself.  I feel afraid that I won't ever make it to wherer i want to go. 

And mostly, I just don't like the way I FEEL most of the time."

These statements are what bring me and moms like you together to get moving on the greatest work of your life.   The reason you feel those things has little to do with what's going on in your world and everything to do with how you see your Self IN the world! It's becasue you believe something that is not true about you, about your worth and it affects how you see the world and how others appear to you!

Coaching with Liz is a beautiful journey that will teach you to see your Self in a true light so you can live in love for you.  That, in turn,  illuminates the truth about others, and who they really are, so you can then live in love for them.  


This is the essense of being your Real Self. As you ILLUMINATE the TRUTH about your emotions, you get to live in the space of peace and joy.

This is what you will learn in the Light Course.... 100% money back guaranteed.

Let me help you SEE YOU differently so you can FEEl YOU differently.

Welcome to your incredible light, mama.

If learning to love and accept yourself is not the object of the programs you buy, it will not have the power to really change your inner experience.  But, when you engage in learning the truth and tools of real self love and acceptance, your whole world will light up and revolutionize in extraordinary ways from the inside out.  

Welcome to Light Mom Coaching! In all I have learned and in all that I teach, learning real self love and acceptance is thee greatest truth to understand and the gift that I offer to moms like you:

I teach moms who are aching for lasting Emotional Peace and Joy in their lives.

I teach them to see what's behind the emotions, to heal that hurt and to live in light and love.

Behind every heavy and scary emotion is some facade, parading around as the truth about who we are.  And it's simply not true.

When un-truths become the "light" that guides us, it darkens our path, it makes us afraid. and shades the truth of who we are, and how we see others.

The Light Course has the tools and the truths that wil set you free!

You'll 1st learn how to go back and parent your self with extreme self care and compassion, This will pave the way for you to connect deeply to your kids and everyone else with that same love and joy.

You'll be surprised at how quickly you'll find yourself standing confidently in the light of who you really are.

You will delight in the discovery that lasting emotional peace has moved from some unattiainable idea to the light at the center of your being that guides everything you do.


Join now and start living in your light, mama.

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What the Light Moms Love

"I wasn't trusting myself to home school my kids. Liz helped me remember to love deeply and now I trust my own intuition as their mom"

- Jennifer

"When I began working with Liz I was stuck and frustrated with the lack of communication in my marriage. Now I have clarity and peace about where I am and clear steps to moving forward"

- Suzanna

"Before I worked with Liz I was constantly concerned if other people saw me as a "good mom" because I am also a businesswoman. Liz helped to see that I was too concerned about judgment from other people and helped me live into my true possibility of being unstoppable. I'm so thankful! "

- Rhiannon

Ask Liz

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The Light Mom Retreat

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Hello There

I'm Liz!  I'm 100% me!  And a wife and mom.

I coach mamas to have lots of joy and purpose in their relationship with themselves and in their mothering.

I've been stuck in other people's ideas about my life, in yucky emotions and in run-away thinking.  And I know the truth about getting unstuck and thriving joyfully!

I birthed 6 humans and we have done every kind of education- public, private, home, you name it.

I love helping moms discover what they want to feel and experience in their home and for their children's education and make it happen.  We discover what environments their kids learn best in, how to undo cultural training, and learn to be guided internally and by the Spirit to find joy and live a unique and beauty-filled life.