You reallllly WANT that thing right?  Because it will MAKE you happier!

Want: Your kids to stop fighting, less stress about money, more money, more vacation, less fear, a better job, nicer neighbors, a smaller butt, less depression, more direction in your life, more pop, more sleep!

What your heart really WANTS and needs is to connect with what is most important to your Soul.  

It FEELS like, we BELIEVE that it’s those THINGS we WANT that are the key.  And believing that, we’re actually halfway there.  Because we can become aware of what’s really behind the wants! 

Let me share 3 great new-es for you:

  1. Those “things” are not the “things” your happiness and life fulfillment depend on, and that’s awesome because now you don’t have to be so white knuckles-attached.
  1. AND those “wants” are GOOD!  They are a clue that can reveal what really matters to you on a soul-level.  And we call those VALUES.
  1. There are HUNDREDS of ways for you to “get” to experience your values.  And once you see the truth in that, your “wants” don’t have to be so specific, you don’t have to be crushed if they come to fruition. Something else can be just as good and often times better once you see the truth of this.

Values can live right under the surface of your Conscious brain, if you aren’t aware of them.  The “WHATS” (the physical things you think you neeeeed ) are always trying to reveal to you your “VALUES”.  And you can dig them up and start seeing the infinite ways you can experience them.  

Let’s take the example of the perfect car. Do you really need that car?  What is under that need?  Look at the values list in my last blog: Could Safety and Dependability be a part of your core values? And if you never get “that car”, does it mean you can’t experience your “those” values?

Heavens no!  Next week we’ll go on a vision walk to discover how.

To light, my friends,


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